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Discount Food Vouchers to save you money off your grocery shopping with cheap supermarket deals and coupons

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This website and domains are for sale via eBay

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food vouchers

The discount food vouchers listed on this page can save you money on your weekly grocery bill. They are specific free coupons and if you return to our home page there is a website listed at the bottom of the page that will give you weekly printed money off coupons for a range that can be used at most stores such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and so on.

Recent research has shown that the average family can save £160 a year by buying online. A trend amongst shoppers is to go to high street shops to find the clothes they like, make a note of their sizes and colours, and then order online where they can be cheaper.

If you have the time there are several ways to make the most of them at the major supermarkets of Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Farmfoods, etc and monitoring their offers and bargains. For example if a store is offering a 5p off petrol or diesel for a specific spend then shop there but spend the minimum required to get the petrol coupon. We do this and take a calculator or scrap bit of paper to jot down our running total of the grocery bill and usually stock up on offers such as buy one get one free or the £1 offers. We have large cupboards at home! When you buy just the right amount to get the offer you make the most of your budget to use at another supermarket to get their offers and discounts. At a time when supermarkets have to try really hard to compete with each other you can play their game and take advantage of their free food shopping coupons.

Discount Food Vouchers

swizzels house tin

Free Limited Edition Swizzels House Tin.

Do make sure that if you use these then your minimum required spend may be lowered so you may have to add extras to your trolley to compensate for the deduction. This will prevent you making a mad dash from the checkout to get more purchases. It will also prevent large queues forming!

Christmas is always a good time to get them as retailers compete for this lucrative time of the market. For example Tesco will usually send out their clubcard tokens at Christmas time. This is a good time to double up and get the most from your expenditure. Tesco usually limit these to set departments such as toiletries, baby stuff, frozen produce, etc. Just remember our big cupboards! Stock up on things you will use throughout the year and keep an eye on sell by dates.

Other Christmas offers from Morrisons is their Christmas Saver booklet where you spend at least £40 a week for 8 weeks to get £30 money off. An ideal time to stock up your freezer, cupboard and bathroom cabinets and remember your calculator.

Food Shopping Coupons

Supermarket saver stamps are a great way to budget. However does it really make sense to give a supermarket cash in January and not be able to spend it until December? They are great if you are on a low income or find it difficult to budget for Christmas. But do remember they can only be spent in that shop. The benefits are that for every fifty £1 stamp you will get a free one, buy around one hundred £1 stamps you get more, sometimes £3. So this is like an interest of £3. This is good, especially as banks and building societies offer low interest rates. Do read the small print. Some allow you to buy them as late as November to qualify. So if you can afford to buy them as late as possible to still qualify for the free food vouchers which can usually be spent in December, just in time to stock up for Christmas.

A recent survey by Sainsbury's revealed that people in employment were the most likely to use money off grocery shopping vouchers with only 7% off those surveyed saying that they did not use them. In the survey 43% of respondents said that using them was normal and only 4% saw using them to save as embarrassing.

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Iceland Vouchers

These can be found most weeks in store. For example the Iceland bonus card holders will be sent them throughout the year. More can be won during their seasonal scratch to save scratchcard promotions. These are run at specific times of the year such as at Christmas or to tie in with television promotions and advertising such as when programmes like I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! are on the telly. Though there are other prizes these promotions usually have Iceland vouchers often to the value of 50p. These are often sponsored by leading producers such as Robinsons Fruit Shoot, McVities Mini, Birds Eye, Bertolli, Tropicana and Shreddies. They are generally valid for several weeks.

Cheap Supermarket Shopping

Cheap Supermarket Shopping can be obtained online from websites such as large seller of clearance items that are approved out of date, trial products, older packaged, overstocked products and discontinued end of line items. They do offer big discounts for groceries throughout the UK by using a courier service to distribute their grocery products direct to your door.

It includes over 1000 products ranging from crisps, snacks such as peanuts, biscuits, dog and cat tins, toiletries such as deodorant, cleaning products such as airfreshners or washing tablets, cakes, chocolate and sweets, tinned, hot and cold drinks such as bottled water, tea and coffee, deals, new offers and other groceries such as dried pasta, cereals, sauces, kitchen cupboard ingredients such as gravy granules and desserts such as custard powder.

These discounts for groceries include well known supermarket brands or may be debranded at the request of the supplier. They do not sell what can perish quickly such as fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

Though they are past their sell by date or best before date they are not past their use by date so according to the United Kingdom Government Food Standards Agency information pages can be safely used.

This does mean that by using them there may not always be what you want by specific manufacturers, but there will usually be big savings and low prices. There are also special offers and deals such as a mystery box which they call a Lucky Box for only 50p which is usually worth up to £5. We do recommend purchasing things sooner when found because when they are gone they may not be restocked.

Delivery is by courier service and the charges are on display with delivery usually within 3 working days. This charge is worked out by the weight of the products you buy.

Just like other online supermarket shopping they offer the facility for a substitute basket though you may not always get the same brand. Instead you can leave a list of substitutes that you would be happy to receive. If many of your items or higher values are not available then they will telephone you to ensure you are happy with the replacements.

Clearance Foods

One way to save money on groceries is to go to supermarkets just before they close. Several hours prior to this they start to reduce time sensitive products like salads, bread and cakes. My local Tesco that closes at midnight starts to reduce them to half price at about 6pm and then at 8pm this price dramatically drops to just 10p for loaves and pastries that have been freshly baked that day.

I keep white doves in my garden in several cotes so need to feed them a long, especially as the wild birds help themselves to their hoppers. Buying bread each day to supplement their nuts, mealie worms and seeds could become expensive so I just pop out and get several treats for them at this low cost from the clearance foods section. I'm also able to get treats for my children such as a packet of jam doughnuts for just 10p and often buy things we would never get without paying about £2;. The same goes for the desserts and fresh meat sections and these can feed your family and help to stretch your budget.

Save Money On Groceries

Another way to secure the discounts is to register for their newsletter service which entails a weekly e-mail being sent which includes their latest products, promotions and offers.

Using your discount food voucher when you want to save money off grocery shopping can help you exercise and potentially lose weight so long as you stay away from the sweets aisle! A new research report from doctors at Harvard University has demonstrated that it can even be good for your health. Their report that studied 32,000 men over 18 years showed that carrying heavy grocery bags could help to prevent symptoms of diabetes. Though many research studies have shown the benefits of aerobic exercise this study looked at the value of weight bearing exercise from visiting supermarkets. Information was gathered every two years by questionnaires. In the general public 4 out of every 1000 men will go on to develop type two diabetes and their research showed that the men who carried heavy bags were doing valuable weight bearing exercise that helped to keep their weight down. The risk of developing diabetes is three times greater for those who are overweight. The full study can be read in the Archives of Internal Medicine to help you save money on your weekly grocery bill.

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