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If you have a code, money off voucher or a special offer that you would like put in the site then please e-mail me:

Websites that link back to me will be given priority listing in a more prominent part of the web page of their choosing.

To get a discount voucher listed please first put the following to your own website before contacting us:

Anchor text: Shopping Coupons

Description: Free shopping coupons, discount codes, offers, deals and bargains.


It would help me if you could include information such as how the customer obtains it, any minimum spend and the closing date for the offer. Please do not send any images or photographs until you have discussed this with me first and have gained my permission to send the image or photo - this will prevent your e-mail being filtered into my spam trap. Please put in the subject field.

Please note that we can only add those that are valid for at least 90 days because of our work load.

If you would prefer to write my address is:
PO Box 18620
AB42 3WZ

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